important tips for class 12 examinations cbse

Improving writing ability in exam

1. fast and legible handwriting is essential for examination you need not worry about beauty of your writing at this stage but it must be legible enough for the examiners to read and understand what you write this can be mastered only when practiced throughout the year.
2. practice at home / school should match the real event which is test / exam at school / board level.
3. write as many dummy test / exams as possible at home a part from the ones administered in the school.
4. till the syllabus is completed, you can write and practice chapter wise test with the schedule of one subject in a day.
5. when the syllabus is completed, you can divide it into 2 or 3 equal parts in such a way that are few easy and a few tough chapters are combined and you can write 3 hour exam in that selected portion.
6. sample question papers which are available from various sources along with study material provided in the school will be of great help for self administered test/ exam.
7. you can practice 3 hour exam by randomly selecting previous years question paper from CBSE.
8. the more you are exposed to question asked in previous previous exam papers you are more likely to encounter in real exam you will, therefore, gain more confidence in the exam hall.
9. always try to stick to time schedule of test/ exam.
10. you should know and restrict to word limit of VSA/ S A / LA type questions otherwise you may tend to write too much for VSA and very little for LAtype question.
11. Draw diagram neatly with pencil wherever necessary and label them properly do not draw the diagram in ink at all the labels / symbols used in describing should match with those used in diagrams.

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